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“Two souls, one body.” – is the concept initiated by s.Oliver in August 2013 by the double SOULMATE collection that presents one fragrance for women and one for men, with an accompanying body care program. The collection is inspired by people who love life, who have a passion and spontaneity in the foreground. They enjoy each day and realize that the experiences and actions are best if shared with close people. Community, familiarity and confidence are needed to live in accordance with the dynamic life and new technologies. They long for days with their soul mate, because the time spent with him / her is precious. Any break from the fast life shared with the people close to them is more important than anything.

b127e o.21301 Alexis Mabille

The new collection SOULMATE is created as a fragrant break from dynamic life, a concept that offers the feeling of closeness, safety and relaxation. Also, this concept ensures a dose of excitement and joy inspired by a close relationship of two people. Without many words, explanations and demands, soulmates always know what the other one is thinking and feeling. Their understanding is supported by magic of relation and interpreted by SOULMATE compositions – for her and for him.

SOULMATE WOMEN – fragrance that provides a feeling of well-being in everyday life

Soulmate Women has a modern and warm composition that exudes femininity and sensual musk out as the key note. The composition opens with accords of mandarin and red fruit, complemented by heliotrope, freesia and peony in the heart. The base is composed of white musk and tonka bean, additionally softened by cotton.

b127e o.21303 Alexis Mabille



mandarin, red berries

heliotrope, freesia, peony

white musk, cotton, tonka beans


 SOULMATE MEN – fragrance that provides a game of contrasts of freshness and sensuality

Soulmate Men opens with glistening drops of mandarin delicately flavored with saffron and intensified by black pepper. Strong character of the heart is reflected in a blend of nutmeg, tonka bean and lavender on a base of amber and patchouli.

6baa9 o.21302 Alexis Mabille



mandarin, saffron, black pepper

nutmeg, tonka, lavender

amber, patchouli


Simple, organic design of bottles of the new fragrances highlights warmth and connection of soulmates. Women’s collection is created in soft shades of pink combined with metallic dark red while the men’s collection is matte gray metallic with dark blue accents. Women’s outer packaging is decorated with paisley details while the men’s external packaging features checkered motif. Harmony and heat of the collection are presented to the finest detail – as announces by the brand s.Oliver.

6baa9 o.21300 Alexis Mabille

s.Oliver SOULMATE Women

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 30 ml 17,00 EUR

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml 26,00 EUR

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml 21,50 EUR

Caring Deodorant Natural Spray 75 ml 11,50 EUR

Relaxing Bath Shower Gel 150 ml 10,25 EUR

Moisturizing Hand Body Lotion 150 ml 10,25 EUR

s.Oliver SOULMATE Men

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 30 ml 17,00 EUR

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml 26,00 EUR

After Shave Lotion 50 ml 19,25 EUR

Protecting 24h Deodorant Spray 150 ml 11,50 EUR

Refreshing Shower Shave Shampoo 150 ml 10,25 EUR


6baa9 o 6 Alexis Mabille  


Author: Sandra Raičević Petrović


   Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer




Translation: Ivana (Ina_Mo)



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